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 The several ways to package your knowledge to generate demand for what you offer | see page…11

Why selling courses and coaching programs is the most leveraged business you must start now | see page…12

Why you never need to be certified to earn good money teaching what you know | see page…13

How trying to serve everyone “having no niche ” is forbidding you from getting consistent flow of clients… | see page…14

What to do if you don’t have any testimonials yet, but you need proof that what you’re selling is important and works (RELAX I’ll show you specific ways to sell WITHOUT ever getting the first testimonial). | see page…81

How you can get people to say good things about you “aka” give you a testimonial without having to give your gold nuggets for free. see page…81

the ultimate four doors to attarct high paying clients like a magnet without spending a single dime on ads | see page…43

Why clarity is the first step that emphasizes you will get a client even if you have a bad offer… | see page…15

How this ingenious “3p” statement can make your ideal customer always come to you for help… | see page…16

The facebook groups gold mine & how you can EXPLOIT it to start attracting your dream clients | see page…44

How to find the right Facebook groups & the right prospects to work with… | see page…45

What to do in Facebook groups to insure you will be able to get clients… | see page…46

How this VALUE IN ADVANCE method that can help you skip working years & years to earn what you deserve… | see page…55

The unfair advantage you can have with content marketing If you do it this way …. | see page…61

The super powerful 3 FREE main ways to drive traffic into your content| see page…66

3 Steps to create the pipeline that attracts top quality prospects every single day.. | see page…72

A closed loop that it’s main job is to get you clients… | see page…75

What are the characteristics of your ideal client ?…. | see page…76


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