"Secret 5 step system" reveals how you can attract high paying coaching clients GAURANTEED!...

Without wasting your money on ads, wasting your time on cold outreach, or having a large following , and without being a marketing wizard or doing any hard selling

Watch this video now to see why you need to STOP marketing, STOP selling, STOP posting on social, and STOP running your business until the "Secret 5 Step System" Has Been Identified... 

This Isn't Pretty I have to warn you...

If you’re wondering WHY folks continue to publish information in the sea of overwhelm… I’ll tell you the truth.

Companies and gurus keep publishing information at a rate far higher than it’s able to be consumed so that you and I get sucked into it.

 so we feel like we’re constantly “discovering new stuff” and are “spending our time wisely” by consuming their information.

The cold hard truth is this

They’re doing this, on purpose, to attract and keep our attention and to give us the ILLUSION of progress… all so they can sell us more stuff. That’s a truth bomb right there. ^^

In fact, most marketers KNOW they’re strictly entertaining or “filling our tank” with stuff that we’ll never actually use or get results from. 

But, we feel like we’re doing something good by consuming it.  


Isn’t that crazy?

I bet you’ve even probably seen, heard, or read information that sounded awesome but, looking back, you’ll never actually be able to use, right?

Now, I’m not saying that all information is bad or that you don’t need it. 


What I’m saying is that information is the problem that 99% of entrepreneurs are held back and don’t hit their goals, yet don’t see the glaring problem. 


It’s that “Secret 5 Step System” that most coaches and entrepreneurs never implement in their businesses and daily routines….

Unfortunately The Reality is this

if you’re not making the amount of money you want …

feel like you’re making progress but don’t have a lot to show for it

OR ever wonder what you should be doing

OR see others that aren’t any smarter or more hard-working than you having success and want to find out how YOU can, too

OR you’re tired of chasing around the next “big thing” and want something that will work just flat-out want to be told the truth, once and for all

OR You may have asked yourself “what is the fastest way to get clients now !?”

OR Tried everything every guru said and didn’t get any results and nothing seems to be working..

OR Created a program and recorded it but it didn’t sell well and ended up hearing crickets…

OR Not sure how you can get people to book calls with you and when they book, you don’t know how to close them..


 any combination of the above


 … you’re in the right place.


I know something about you that maybe you didn’t know, yourself, until now.

You’re the kind of person who wants to trust and believe, but you also know better than to blindly follow something without seeing tangible proof, right?


You’re also the kind of person that one minute feels on top of the world and can accomplish anything, but also has moments where you wonder why you’re even doing what you do, don’t you? 


Know how I know this?


Cause you’re no different than me. 


I’m just a few steps up the road.

With that, I NEED you to read every single word on this page. 


What I’m about to reveal to you is the ONLY tweak you need to make this year to finally gain REAL momentum in your business.  


You do NOT want to buy another course, subscribe to another software, or hire another “guru”.


let me explain…

How it started

Me !

Back in time 5 years ago


I was young, naïve, and doing nothing but just wasting life on shit that doesn’t matter


I had absolutely nothing to offer anybody. 


friends and family are telling me to give up on my plans to succeed with my business





I’ll never forget how much I looked forward to sleeping & playing League Of Legends.


It was the 2 things that I could do that let me escape my reality.


No job


Pretty sad, right?


That’s not even the worst part.


For months, I had to work as a freelance graphic designer and go hunt for clients on twitter


Month after month , after all that hard work searching and hunting for clients


I end up with 150$ after 3 months!!!


That’s not $150 per hour.


Not even $150 per day.


That was 150$ every 3 MONTHS .


it was HARD

Can you imagine trying to live off of $150 a month and you don’t even know if you’re going to make money the next month or not !?

Searching for clients everywhere..


Couldn’t find a solution to stop hunting for clients every single day…


Kept on hunting because I didn’t know any way out…


Couldn’t charge my worth because I didn’t know anything about offers and people didn’t value my work..


Saying no to friends on the weekend..


Begging my parents for money cause I couldn’t afford to feed myself..


Not being able to go on dates or even out to eat..


Eating foods I knew were terrible for me because I had no choice…


Watching others enjoy the things I wanted…


All because I didn’t have money…

That Was My Personal Life….

and my online business journey wasn’t the best also I learnt the hard way…

it was a nightmare , it was like this…


tried everything, but nothing seems to be working



kept asking myself questions like…

what is the fastest methods to getclients now ?


how can I make people trust me ?


why I’m getting followers but no clients ?


why these messenger scripts aren’t working ?


why I’m not able to monetize from my content ?


what is the thing I’m was doing wrong that blocked me from attracting the clients I always wanted … ?


waking up everyday saying where can I find clients today ?


why none wanted my free offer ? ITS FREE LOL


how can I articulate the value of my offer to someone ? …

But, like all good stories, mine has a good ending.

Little by little, things changed. 

I went from making $150 in 3 months, to making $150 in a week.



Then I started to invest the money I earn and my time into courses and programs in fact I invested over 50k$ worth of courses , masterminds and coaches



I kept working my ass off , trying to find higher paying jobs, borrowing money from my parents


Just to enroll into these courses and I
I Took every single course you could think of


About copywriting, social media, marketing, and sales

I’ve finally I Found the solutions and answers i've actively been searching for for years

all the secrets that would help me to GetClients fast, predictably, without having to do all the crazy effort I did in the past to get results.


And without having to be a marketing wizard !…

And I switched to the coaching industry to
help coaches with my knowledge .

How did it happen ?!
let me tell you...

Ever Had To Lose Weight Or Seen Somebody Else Successfully Lose Weight?

That’s a tremendous goal.


To be perfectly honest, I’ve had friends whom have done this, tell me that losing 50 kilograms is impossible. 


As soon as they said that, I thought to myself, “wait, how is it impossible to lose 50 kilograms if you’ve done it?”


The truth is this…


They struggled and failed to lose 50 kilograms for years. 


Diets, gym memberships, supplements, special belts, you name it. 


Nothing worked.


For YEARS they failed...

Until they have made ONE tweak...

What was it?



They STOPPED trying to lose 50 kilograms 


An almost impossible goal. 


Instead, they tried to lose ONE kilogram. 


Just 1. 


And, a few days later, they did it

Think about the difference....

Following a diet for two weeks, expecting to lose a bunch of weight when you step on the scale. 


To find that you’ve only lost 1 kilogram.


That’s 49 kilogram to go. 


Disappointing, to say the least. 


All that dieting and sacrificing to lose ONE kilogram? 


Not worth it.

Flip that around....

Your goal is to lose just 1 kilogram.


You follow your diet, step on the scale.


… and you DID it.


You smashed your goal.


Now, it’s time to lose your second kilogram.


And so on.


See how much different, more reasonable, and realistic that is?

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

You can’t lose 50 kilograms… withOUT losing 1 kilogram. 

Just like you can’t just make a million dollars. 

You have to Get your first client, first. 

Then the second.

Then the 10th.

And the 100th

And 1000th.

Before you know it you would make a million dollar

Unless you win the lottery, you won’t go from zero to a million. 

Unless you lose body parts, you won’t go from nothing to losing 50 kilograms.

The secret 5 step system is no longer secret !......

Getting Clients And Predictably Attracting Them Comes Down To This

THAT sounds more manageable and realistic, right?

… keep reading, before the end of this page I’m going to walk you through all 5 steps so you can see EVERYTHING you need to actually succeed with your business… even if you’ve never made a single penny, you make money but hate what you do, or you simply don’t think you can do this.

While I know getting a client, sounds hard and a little complicated...

Do you think you can just start with just making 10$ in a day ?

What about getting your first client in a month ?

What if you could do it in a week ?


What if you could get 5 or 10 clients a week ?


That could be a 10,000$ or more week and multiple five figure months


What if you could do it in a day?  


Yes it’s achievable I personally know coaches who make over 6 figures A DAYY


using these 5 steps up there.


It starts there….

more information isn't your problem...

Do you believe me now that more information isn’t what you need and, in fact, it’s probably holding you back? 



We’ve called it out. 


if you’ve bought one too many courses…


If you’ve read one too many books…


Or followed one too many “gurus”…


This is finally the answer you’ve been waiting for. 


Information is the problem. 


What do you need, then?


That’s it.


Clarity on what you should be doing, every day, to make progress.

That’s the key.
Always make progress.
No more spinning wheels.
Just building your empire.
Brick by brick.

By now, you can probably see why it took me 5 years to go from $150 in 3 months to attracting clients while sleeping on autopilot….

… let me ask you a quick question.

How would you like me to show you EVERYTHING you need to do to get extreme CLARITY on exactly what you should be doing in your business to get to a million, one dollar at a time…


 withOUT paying me $5,000+ (What I get paid for my one on one coaching…) to walk you through everything?


You’re in luck!


I’ve NEVER exposed this aside from one-on-one to my highest level consulting clients before5

it's simply too good to keep to myself...

But Don’t take my word for it, 

Here is what others have to say…

Introducing the GetClients Academy

This is the clarity you need to know exactly what to do, and when to do it.


Here’s the deal I’m going to make you.

I do NOT want you thinking this is just another course. Why?

It’s nothing like a course.

In fact, it’s more a complete coaching program, mastermind, AND accountability service all-in-one.

You’re also getting weekly coaching sessions with me, to give you the insane amounts of clarity you need to make progress every single day…

this will be taught live, so you will get my personal coaching and answers for any question you have

So, in order for you to get your hands on this system, I need you to make me a deal…

You promise to absolutely NOT think of this as another course..

You promise to absolutely NOT share with anybody that you got your hands on my system 
for the price you’re getting it for…
I’m going to give you my ENTIRE system, GetClients Academy , for probably 5% of what it’s actually worth.

You’ll discover my EXACT blueprint… including action plans, “press go” tools, and all the coaching 

and support you’ll need to finally get progress every single day.



If you tried to figure this all out on your own, it’d take you years and tens or hundreds of 

thousands of dollars to get close.



It took me over 5 years, and some say I’m pretty good.

It doesn’t have to take you that long.

With your investment to GetClients Academy , Here’s what you will be getting:

Week 1

What To Do To Dominate In Life and In Business With A High-Ticket Mindset

 How To Gaurantee Amazing Results For Your Clients With A High-Income Coaching Mindset


 How To Overcome An Limiting

Beliefs, Lower self, Imposter Syndrome And Unleash Your Self Confidence


 How To Get The Confidence To Sell Any High Ticket Offer With EASE !


The Secret To Program Your Mind For Success And Wealth (this is why most people succeed and others don’t)

Week 2

How To Find Your Niche, Read Your Prospect’s Mind And Design Genius Marketing Strategies

 The Psychology Of Selling and Reason Why People Buy.. (it’s not what you think!)


 How To Overcome An Limiting
Beliefs, Lowerself, Imposter Syndrome And Unleash Your Self Confidence


 Here’s How To Succeed In Any Crowded Market Using This Secret market sophistication formula..


What to do to make your offer so irresistible so you can attract clients like a magnet..


The Secret to putting your potential customers in a buying trance so they feel the need to buy your offer…

Week 3

The secret to create a powerful lead magnet that sucks in leads like a vacuum cleaner on steroids

 How Create A Free Offer To Get Your Very First Email Subscriber, So You Can Build A List Of Leads !…


 All the best performing lead magnets and free offers that not only attract leads and potential customers but also guarantees a quick win for them..


 The steps to build a powerful high converting landing page that will attract more leads and clients to your business…


How To Use Your Market Research To Build An Offer They Can’t Refuse (The right way !!!)…


The Secret breakeven offer technique and how to use it to get clients quickly not only that but also help them results fast !…

Week 4

How to craft irresistible offers that sell like crazy…

 The secret to guarantee client’s results using this simple strategy


How ensure that your offer will sell even in a crowded market.


 How To Get The Confidence To Sell Any High Ticket Offer With EASE !


Revealed ! The secret escape and arrival formula that’s going to help you figure out your offer steps and methods to guarantee your client’s results


The Super Simple Course Lesson Template


How to Name Your Course Using the Same Formula That Got Every President Elected

With your investment to GetClients Academy , Here’s what you will be getting:

Week 5

How To Effectively Use Social Media Organically To Attract Top Quality Clients And Make Them Come Every Single Day

 The secret to filling up your coaching business with quality prospects coming in every single day..


 The overlooked content matrix strategy to create content that sells like crazy


 the different types of audiences and how this secret audience type is decreasing your chances in attracting more clients


The Right way to leverage instagram to attract top quality clients and make them come every single day…


Instagram traffic explosion methods used to drive traffic and qualified clients to your business


How to use facebook’s gold mine strategies to attract high quality clients that are willing to invest in your offers.

Week 6

How To Close Sales Like A Professional High Ticket Closer (easier than you think..)

 Conversion mechanisms, how to use them to close potential customers immediately and which one is the best depending on your business


 How to close anyone, anytime without being salesy , pushy, or manipulative ( up to 90% conversion rate using this secret strategy !…)


 The secret ” selling by chat ” method to close your potential customers using chat ( some coaches used the same techniques and closed over 50k$ using CHAT !! ..)


How To Handle Objections and Resistance Like A KungFu Master Easily Handles A 300-Pound Boxer

I know I know…


calm down lol we’re not done yet ..

with your investment to the GetClients academy you will also get these FREE ! bonuses…

Bonus #1: 7 Breakdowns Of The Most Successful Offers

You’ll get the 7 breakdowns of the most profitable offers ,ads and emails from some of the most profitable offers and launches in the world.

How many of you have seen Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi Knowledge Business Blueprint launch? 
They have generated over $10 million dollars in days.

How would you like a break down of that launch? What copy they used and the strategies behind it. Plus 6+ other launches.

Do you think this will help you craft better offers ?! HELL YEAH !

VALUE : 5,000$

Bonus #2: Ten Powerful Sales Page Scripts

How many times you’ve made a great offer but couldn’t articulate 

how valuable is it to your potential customers..


no matter how many times you tell them how great the offer is , or how much money it would make them, or how much it would improve their lives…


They never take you seriously!..


But with these 10 Powerful Sales Page Scripts it will never 

be like that again


You will get the 10 different variations of high

converting sales pages written by me personally


Finally! You will be able to show them how powerful 

and how great your offer is…


 by using these plug and play , word for word sales pages

You will only need to write the name of your offer !

VALUE : 5,000$

Bonus #3: Top Free 

Marketing Tools

This happened to me when I took my first course…


3 years ago after I could afford joining one of the courses I’ve taken, the instructor asked us to invest in some marketing tools..


sadly I couldn’t afford investing in such thing and that resulted in me not being able to implement… and I didn’t get results because of this…


how many times you joined courses and people asked you to pay a recurring fee to use some tools… it’s boring and crazy…


but that isn’t the case here, because I was you , because I struggled like you before I made this research…


to provide you with all the FREE marketing tools you can use for your business, to not just survive but thrive in your industry.


you Get this BONUS FREE !


Bonus #4: Organic Growth Blaster Checklist

So suppose you went in the getclients academy , you learnt everything about social media and how to attract customers from it.


but you don’t know how to implement , how to use this knowledge to get predictable results , to attract clients predictably..


That’s exactly what the Organic Marketing Blaster Checklist  will help you do.


a step-by-step system on how you can use facebook and instagram on a daily basis to attract customers.


a full publishing plan, client attraction plan, content plan.. actually everything you need to grow organically and also attract

clients to your funnels and offers 


You get this also as a bonus for joining the GetClients Academy


Bonus #5: Ten Email 

Campaign Sequences

So you started getting some email subscribers , what now ?..


what’s the next step ? , are you wondering what are you going to send to them ?


Are you asking yourself how can I transform them to clients ?


Don’t know how to warm them up, so they become ready to buy your offers ?


That’s why I made you done for you FULL ten email campaign sequences to use in your email marketing, so you never worry about what to send or when to send it 


you will also get this as a bonus after joining the GetClients Academy

VALUE : 2,500$

Bonus #6: 175 Power Words That Motivate People To Buy

Don’t you feel a little bit confused about what should you exactly say to motivate people to buy ?


To get people interested in your offers or your products ?


To articulate the value of your product or offer, so you can put potential customers in what I call a Buying Trance !


you better know these 175 Words That Motivate People To Buy

Exactly what words to add in your copy to entice people and motivate them to take action to get your offers


Again FREE for you if you join the GetClients Academy Today

VALUE : 200$

Bonus #7: Perfect Closing Script

How many times you got a potential customer on the phone and wondered what the heck should I say to make them buy !


You always try to say how great your offers are, and how it will change your prospect’s life buy they say in their mind “ugh , I’m being pitched again from another “salesperson”


what if I told you that it’s never going to be like this again..


if you follow this word for word Perfect Closing Script to close every potential client you jump on the call with.


you will get this as a bonus with the sales module we’ve in the GetClients Academy to teach you HOW TO SELL WITHOUT BEING SALESY..

VALUE : 200$

Bonus #8: Global Facebook


Most people try to attract clients, but they’re around people that are attracting clients, and the people doubt them.

Why? Because all the people around have been taught the only way to make money is TIME FOR MONEY.
Do you think it’s important to be in a community that speaks the same language as, who is supportive of, who’s learning and growing alongside with you?
Can they teach you something very important?
How many of you have taken other programs, or course in the past but didn’t get the results you were looking for?
You see, most people attempt to change their lives, without changing their environment.
You can’t alter your life without first altering your environment.
TRANSFORMATION doesn’t happen in isolation.
You won’t be alone. We’re here to help you, to support you on your journey. 
You’ll receive a warm heart felt welcome the minute you join our global community when you introduce yourself.


1 Single Payment of 1,497$

1 Single Payment of 1,497$

1 Single Payment of 1,497$

1 Single Payment of 1,497$

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